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    Photo Safari & Victoria Falls

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    Kasane is a small town and the
    gateway to the Chobe National
    Park and it was from this town
    that David Livingstone made his
    greatest ‘find’, Lake Victoria.
    Kasane is also near the
    confluence of the Chobe and
    Zambezi Rivers, and its position
    in Northern Botswana places it
    near the borders of Namibia,
    Zambia and Zimbabwe, making it
    the perfect base for explorations
    into the Chobe National Park,
    and the surrounding three

    The most prominent feature of
    the Chobe National Park is the
    huge concentration of
    elephants. It is not only the
    elephants that make this very
    special park worth visiting, but
    also the astounding natural
    beauty. This park has an
    amazing variety of habitats,
    ranging from floodplains,
    baobab, and mopane trees and
    acacia woodlands, to verdant
    flood grasslands and thickets
    bordering the Chobe River.
    Flowing along the parks
    northern boundaries are the
    Linyanti and Chobe Rivers, while
    in the south the Savuti Channel
    brings life to the Mababe
    Depression. The Chobe National
    Park has an amazing variety of
    game, and many brilliantly
    coloured birds.
Victoria Falls - Located in the
Zambezi river, in the border between
Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Victoria
Falls is 108 meters heigh, it is the
biggest waterfall in Africa, and about
two times deeper and two times wider
than Niagara Falls. After the Victoria
Falls, the waters of Zambezi river go
down to the Kariba Lake. The British
explorer David Livingstone was the first
European to see the Falls, in 1855,
and named them after Queen Victoria.
Travel by air to Kasane in northern Botswana - stay at Chobe Safari
LodgAfternoon game viewing on the Chobe River
Safari drive surrounding preserve
isit Victoria Falls