Art History Course Locations

    Course 1(12-days 3 credits) starts in Cape Town and ends in the
    Drakensberg Mountains region.

    Course 2 (17-days 4 credits) starts in Cape Town includes the Drakensberg
    Mountains region and ends in Botswana.

    Site Description:
    Cape Town is home to one of the continents finest networks of museums and
    the cultural museum is where we start. Most of the rock paintings on display
    here were brought to the South African Museum between 1911 and 1918
    through the efforts of the Director, Dr. L Peringuey and Mr G. S. Mandy of the
    Provincial Roads Department. They were determined to save this magnificent
    art from destruction by vandals and natural weathering. Many paintings which
    were clear some decades ago have almost disappeared in the meantime.

    The bushman or San paintings are one of the Drakensberg Mountains and
    South Africa's greatest cultural treasures. Some 20 000 individual rock
    paintings have been recorded at 500 different cave and overhang sites.
    Classes will visit 3-5 of these magnificent sites.

    The San used to roam all over Southern Africa until they were squeezed into
    extinction by the arrival of the Europeans to the South and the Bantu-speaking
    Africans from the East. Their decedents, the Bushmen, now live in Botswana
    and Namibia.

    The 17 day course includes a trip to Botswana and two San cultural villages
    where students will be able to participate in as well as view Bushman lifestyle
    and creativity.