photo Sani Pass

    The Drakensberg range divids
    the eastern centeral portion of
    South Africa. From almots the
    source of the Orange River (but
    tuly at Cathedral Peak) to
    Thabana Ntleyana the higest
    point in Southern Africa (3482
    meters) near Sani Pass (at the
    top of which is the small
    landlocked country of Lesotho) to
    the end at Sehlabathebe National

    The Sani Pass snakes through the
    Mkhomazana River Vally in the
    Drakensberg up to the tiny
    country of Lesotho. The Sani Pass
    is romantically primitive and the
    drive up the pass is not for the
    faint of heart and if you suffer
    from vertigo don't look down...
    June-August is winter and it does
    snow at times in the Drakensberg
    - but the view and topography is
    truly worth the experience, the
    flora alone makes this truly a
    magical place in winter and
    summer. The Sani Pass trip
    should only be done with an
    arranged tour operator.

    The Drakensberg Mountains - When South African
    writer J.R. Tolkien wrote The Lord Of The Rings
    Trilogy his dreams were most likely filed with
    memories of home and the "Dragon [Drakensberg]
    Mountains". When Europeans first came to this area
    they reported seeing & hearing dragons in the
    mysterious mountains (most likely summer
    thunderstorms and climatic changes) but they also
    reported finding strange tracks in the mountain moss.

Post project Activity
Explore the Drakensberg Mountains and the Sani Pass into Lesotho

    Hiking the DDrakensberg
    can range from
    undemanding to arduous
    but all hikes are truly
    rewarding - from an easy
    walk from the hotel to a
    waterfall to a 3 hour good-
    shape walk to anchent
    San rock paintings.
    All Inclusive - accommodations Bed &
    Breakfast, all activities & entrance fees,
    ground transport (does not include air fare)
    Please check with us for pricing
    Lesotho is a small country landlocked by and
    independent of South Africa. During the
    apartheid years many exiles escaped
    through or reentered South Africa by
    traversing the rugged mountains of the
    Drakensberg around Lesotho.

    Lesotho is home to the Sotho Cultural
    Group, great horsemen and basket weavers
    Travel to Durban South Africa
    Travel to the Sani Pass Hotel at the foot of the
    Southern Drakensberg
    Hike around the mountains to view ancient  rock
    paintings and spectacular views
    Drive the sani Pass into Leostho
    Return to Durban
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