Raising Fountains

    In Lundazi District of the eastern province of
    Zambia Rising Fountains Development Program
    (RFDP) is assisting the Orphaned and Vulnerable
    Children (OVC) in provision of Food stuffs, School
    requisites, Clothes, Psychosocial counseling
    support, Provision of livelihood skills training.
    Access to clean, safe water is vital for people to
    stay healthy and to flourish. Yet over 1 billion
    people worldwide still do not have access to the
    safe water they need to drink.
    Lack of clean water leads to children becoming ill,
    or dying, from preventable water-related diseases
    like cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea.

    In rural areas, women and children, usually girls,
    miss out on opportunities to earn a living or go to
    school because they spend hours each day
    walking miles to fetch water.
    In towns and cities, existing water and sanitation
    facilities are struggling to cope with the rapidly
    increasing urban growth rate. Many households
    only have access to very basic latrines - or to
    none at all. Private vendors sell water at high
    prices to those unable to fetch their own.
RFDP protect water sources and will forge ahead to build
new wells in rural areas of Lundazi District.

RFDP will also sensitize the communities to form village water
committees that will be responsible for the welfare of the wells
in villages. Volunteers will also be identified to spearhead the
work at the village wells. RFDP will train committees of local
volunteers to look after the new wells and keep them in good
working order. Volunteers are trained in good hygiene and
sanitation and are encouraged to pass their knowledge onto
others to improve the health of their whole village.

Water is vital for crops and livestock, as well as for drinking.
Project Raising Fountains
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