Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer is the oldest daughter of
famed actor and humanitarian, Harry Belafonte. Adrienne
holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art from West Virginia State
College and a Master of Arts Degree in Community Counseling
from the West Virginia Graduate College/Marshall University.
Adrienne  is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Approved
Licensed Professional Supervisor, former chair of the Wet
Virginia Board of Examiners of Counseling which deals with
counseling licensure and ethical issues concerning
counselors in West Virginia. For 25 years she had a private
counseling practice focusing on children and their families.
She is presently a Learning Specialist at the West Virginia
School of Osteopathic Medicine in Lewisburg, WV. She is also
Executive Director of the Anir Foundation, an organization she
and her daughter Rachel Blue started in 1997. The Anir
Foundation/Anir Experience is a 100% volunteer program
creating volunteer opportunities for North Americans to focus
on social change in underserved Southern African
communities and the Caribbean, with particular spotlight on
assistance to women, children & families in regards to
housing, education, HIV/AIDS/STD education & prevention,
other health related issues, and cultural heritage
preservation Adrienne has been
married to David Biesemeyer since 1974. In addition to Rachel
Blue they have a son Brian Biesemeyer and a granddaughter,
Isabella by Brian.
Rachel Blue Biesemeyer is the oldest daughter of
Adrienne & David Biesemeyer. Rachel is a graduate of
Antioch College in Yellow Springs Ohio with a degree
in Dance, Theater, Sign Language. She is fluent in ASL
and uses it often in her work as an Animal Education
Specialist and as a per-school teacher. In the winter
she is a per-school teacher in Denver co. and in the
summer (when not  leading or co-leading an Anir trip)
she is an Animal Education Specialist for Wildthings
Inc. in Salinas Ca.
In 1997 after traveling together to South Africa on an
HIV/AIDS fact finding tour, Adrienne and Rachel wanted
to help other North Americans see and experience the
beauty and wonder they had discovered there in
addition to offering a helping hand in dealing with the
HIV/AIDS pandemic. Lots of organization give $$ to
people in need, but few give man power and a chance
to make a difference with their own two hands. Rachel
wears two hats at Anir: 1. She is the Animal Education
Specialist leading environmental study & fact-finding
teams, she is also a leader and co-leader on Anir's
partnership builds with Habitat for Humanity.

Rachel’s first service trip was in 2002 and the
President Jimmy Carter Habitat for Humanity
International Blitz Build in Durban South Africa, Rachel
has co-lead other builds to South Africa and to
Madagascar. Rachel is an avid world traveler having
been to Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, most of
Europe, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.
Rachel Blue