July 3-17, 2010
Although Anir Experience and the Anir Foundation focus on
Southern Africa, the devastating earthquake of January 12,
2010 on Haiti cannot be ignored. For over 12 years Anir
Experience has been pulling together teams to work on
projects such as building houses, research in HIV/AIDS,
malaria and other health and community issues in Southern
Africa. We are now calling on past and new volunteers to join
us in helping at least a small portion of the Haitian population
rebuild their lives.

We are planning on pulling together 3 teams of 15 persons
each, one medical/health care team, one construction team
and one “what needs to be done” team which will include
working with orphaned children.
Applicants must be over the age of 18

Applicants should be:
well organized
Eager to learn new things and have new experiences
Emotionally flexible & stable
Able to work under pressure and in hardship conditions
Can easily adjust to change
A great desire to learn more about yourself and eager to
experience a new culture and life style with a strong interest in
any of the following:

Community Health
Children and Youth

     Applying is free - fill-out the application and e-mail back; if you are a       
        past Anir Volunteer you will most likely be accepted
     All new volunteers: A phone interview will be scheduled
     After the interview the Anir team advisors will meet and determine
     After acceptance volunteers will be sent a registration form to be filled
       out and ground mailed back to Anir along with a $500 deposit.

    COST $1,895-2,385 (Subject to change depending on flight cost fluctuation and
    cost of supplies)
    Cost includes:
     * Purchasing of needed supplies to complete our tasks
     *Purchase of team supplies including 8 bottles of water a day per team member
     *Round trip air fare from Miami to Haiti
     *Lodging & site security (we will be camping outside meaning you will have to   
           bring a tent & sleeping bag)
     *All meals (unless otherwise stated)
     *Bottled drinking water (we will be bringing this with us)
     *Travel medical & evacuation insurance
     *All scheduled in country transportation to and from work site and scheduled    
    *3-6 Anir Experience team leaders

    Not Included:
    • Airfare from your departure town to Miami
    • Home base transportation or lodging
    Passport fees (everyone MUST have a valid passport from their home country
    • Visas fees & Airport tax (if necessary)
    • Nonscheduled activities
    • Anything of a personal nature

    Cancellations & Refunds:
    If for any reason Anir cancels a program you will receive a full refund.
    However if you need to cancel the following applies:
    Spot deposit of $500 holds your place in a given program but does not guarantee the
    cost; Spot deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to hold your place for
    one year for another Anir Experience.
    Full guaranteed fee – if you pay the fee in full by the time stated, but need to cancel
    within 90 days or more before departure, then you are refunded in full – less the
    $500 deposit; 89-60 days 50% refund; less then 60 days no refund.
    Applying to an Anir program is free, if you are accepted and you agree to participate
    then a completed registration form and the $500 deposit must be made within 20
    days after accepting; full payment must be made 60 days before departure or there
    is an additional $250 late processing fee.

    Suggested personal budget$250 USD for emergency only – NO MORE AND NO
Give a little of yourself
Our planned location is not
Port au Prince but the other
side of the island at La Vallee
de Jacmel  - which CNN is not
covering but has also
suffered greatly and should
not be forgotten...
    We are a 100% volunteer organization - we are not endowed -
    we are project-to-project driven and fund raise for all we do.
    We have no paid staff or paid volunteers - All team members
    must be financially self-supporting.

    Q: How is the money I send in or donated being spent?
    A: 60% will be used for buying building & health supplies for the
    community we will be working in, 25% will go towards your trip
    expenses and supplies (airfare, water, food, first aid, etc.), 15%
    goes towards Anir support (travel and supplies for team leaders)
    Q: May I go off on my own?
    A: NO! For your own safety.
    Q: May I take photos of animals & landscape?
    A: Yes, all you want
    Q: May I take photos of the local people?
    A: It is best to ask permission first, ask your team leader
    Q: Is this trip safe?
    A: Traveling anywhere (even to the store) has its risk, but this trip
    has various serious risks. It is a disaster  zone with chance of
    another quake. There has always been a very high crime rate both
    petty and violent in Haiti; that is why it is of the utmost importance
    that the team stay together and no one go-it on their own.
    Q: Will I need shots?
    A: Yes. Tetanus, hepatitis A & hepatitis B, Typhoid Fever
    Q: Will I need malaria pills?
    A: Yes.
    Visit the CDC for information and health recommendations for
    relief workers:

    More questions? Please contact us at:
    Anir Experience
    120 West Washington St. , Lewisburg, WV 24901