What makes Anir different from any other travel experience?

    Since 1997 Anir has spent its time cultivating relationships with grassroots organizations
    and persons who have made history in South Africa and the world.

An Anir Experience offers its participants personal contact with living history and a
personal approach to learning abut the culture.

Our facilitators and guides are experts on South African Culture & History, most of
them local members of the host community, who can offer you insight and access to
people and places not found on the average tour.

We give our participants a chance to participate in the host community - not just sightsee

We specialize in educating our participants not entertaining....
Our Helping Hands program can be either a short-term (10-15 days) working holiday for
persons who do not have much time but want to travel and do something in the global
community or a full 30-90-day internship designed for your personal or academic needs.
You tell us what you would like for us to design for you...
    *Applicants must be over the
    age of 18
    Applicants should be:
    -Well organized
    -Eager to learn new things
    and have new experiences
    -Emotionally flexible & stable
    -Able to work under pressure
    -Can easily adjust to change
    A great desire to learn more
    about yourself and eager to
    experience a new culture
    and life style with a strong
    interest in any of the
    Women’s Health
    Community Health
    Children and Youth