Anir Experience - Habitat for Humanity build schedule

Build Locations:
The Township of Mfuleni,Western Cape of South Africa
Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi or Zambia
Pre-build: Cultural Experience (click here)
Build date: Contact for build dates and application
Post-build: Photo Safari (click here)



Photos thank you to Sarah Cairo, Fred Stottlemyer,
Rachel Blue & Adrienne Biesemeyer
    Anir Experience and Habitat for Humanity are separate
    entities. Anir Experience is a program of the Anir
    Foundation. The Anir Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit, non-
    sectarian NGO with its goal being to provide individuals, with
    positive international opportunities in Southern Africa.
    Conceptualized in 1997, the Anir Foundation strives to raise
    the awareness of issues affecting the continent of Africa,
    such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, homelessness, women & youth
    related issues, exotic animal & flora ecology, preservation of
    culture, and global social issues. The Anir Foundation is a
    100% volunteer organization with a program team of seven
    and over 75 volunteers.  
    Anir Experience offers educational and internships
    experiences, and volunteer work programs in Botswana,
    Lesotho, Madagascar, South Africa, Swaziland and Zambia.

    Anir Experience is honored to partner with Habitat for
    Humanity International to offer what Anir has titled
    Enhanced Builds and Adventure Builds. An Anir Experience
    build is different from regular HfH GV builds. Anir Enhanced
    Builds (EB) consist of pre and post team opportunities for
    learning and Experiencing more of the local environment &
    culture or possibly the opportunity to explore more of
    Southern Africa. Enhanced Builds are under the guidance
    of an Anir Education Specialist (AES).  AES are specially
    trained leaders and group facilitators with in depth
    knowledge of the area and/or subject matter in which they
    are leading. AES’ are both educators and also deal with all
    logistics, to help assist if there are any concerns or

    All Anir teams are lead by at least one US American and
    usually co-lead with host country instructors, facilitators and
    guides. An Enhanced Build offers pre & post build
    opportunities that are different from the average tourist
    experience, EB’s visit orphanages and townships for on site
    HIV/AIDS education and awareness, engaging directly with
    community leaders who are at the center of the fight to stop
    the pandemic. In addition an Enhanced Build may focus on
    cultural experiences such as music, art, dance, or on animal
    and plant conservation or any number of other educational,
    life enhancing options.

    An Adventure Build is one where the AES leads participants
    out of their comfort zone to live for 10-12 or more days as
    part of the community. Experiencing life as the local
    population does.

    To participate in an Anir Experience Build please contact us