Creating opportunities for individuals to "pay it forward" in
underserved communities
How we are different
We are not about tourism we are about The Experience
We are 100% Volunteer - no paid staff - no paid board members
1. Our Mission:
ANIR Experience promotes multi generational opportunities for cultural dialogue
between people living in the Americas, the United Kingdom and select nations in
2. Our goals:  
    a. To assist individuals in gaining the opportunity to experientially learn
         about Southern and East Central Africa

    b. We are not about tourism, we are about global community awareness, wide-
          ranging understanding, and comprehending who we are by learning to
          appreciate other cultures, customs, ethnicities and ways of life

    c. We strive to bring attention to the complexities of poverty and its associated
       conditions and their effects on under served communities by creating            
       opportunities for ANYONE to travel, study, and/or volunteer on working holidays

    d. We create opportunities for individuals to “Pay it Forward” through
          constructive and meaningful volunteer opportunities

    e. Our areas of focus are HIV/AIDS Awareness Education, rural community
       health, housing, art and cultural history preservation, and the eradication of
       poverty which exacerbates all problematic areas

    f. And overall support of  the UN Millennium Goals.

We custom design individual and group experiential education programs, internship
& volunteer work projects mainly in Southern Africa, but we are open to exploring
the world
3. What we do: