South Africa

    Anir has been leading educational programs to South Africa since
    1997 and volunteer programs since 2002 and now offering medical
    service trips to 3rd & 4th year medical students and medical

    Anir Experience volunteer programs include enhanced Habitat for
    Humanity build (enhanced means cultural experiences before and after the
    build), and individual volunteering in the Townships, working with orphans
    and people dealing with HIV&AIDS

Some of our South Africa Partners and events:

    Fikelela means “reach out” and is the name of the HIV /AIDS outreach
    program of the Anglican Church in Cape Town, South Africa. Fikelela
    was founded in 2000 with the vision to provide an active Christian
    response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa. Their mission is to
    mobilize the Anglican community (and the community at-large) to make
    a sustained positive contribution to the reduction of new HIV infections
    and to drive HIV/AIDS education and care in partnership with others.  
    Fikelela has a number of programs throughout the Western Cape
    Community, Heaven’s Nest and The Fikelela children’s Centre which
    care for abandoned and orphaned children, and community outreach
    and HIV/AIDS support and counseling groups in addition to their
    education programs.

Anir Experience work’s with Beverley Hendricks, Fikelela program
administrator, supplying volunteers to live, on a short term basis (2-weeks to 3-
months), at Heaven’s Nest, assisting the local foster care team with caring for
orphaned children. Beverley also conducts HIV/AIDS training for all Anir interns
and volunteer groups.

    University of Cape Town/Cape Technikon Dept Community Health
    Anir Experience is working with Ashraf Mohammed Director of UCTT
    HIV/AIDS student support center (who has been lauded by the world's
    largest community service organization, the Lions Club, and by the
    World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control, for his
    study on TB and HIV); Anir will be supplying UCTT with research
    volunteers, peer counselors and interns to do community outreach on
    their HIV mobile unit which focuses on both the Muslim community and
    everyone, no matter their culture, in the university system of the
    Western Cape.

    In 1989, Rosalia Mashale, “Rosie” to those around her, a
    trained primary school teacher, moved from the Eastern
    Cape to the township Khayelitsha in the Western Cape
    Province of South Africa near Cape Town.

    Rosie was disturbed to see young children going through
    the rubbish dump in search for food while their parents
    were away during the day, either at work or in search of
    work, or without parents at all. She responded by taking
    children into her home, and together with a group of
    women from the community, began looking after these
    unsupervised children. After the first week, 36 children
    had joined their charge; there are now over 130 children
    who live with Rosie and look to her and her staff and
    volunteers for care and love.
    Rosie’s project is entitled Baphumelele (pronounced: bah-
    poo-meh-LAY-lay), a Xhosa word meaning “progress”; and
    progress she has made. From the beginning of one house
    for 36-50 children, Bahpumehlelel has grown, there is now
    the Baphumelele Educare Center established as a
    community crèche (preschool) caring for roughly 230
    children aged three months to six years, the Baphumelele
    Children’s Home which is a place of safety for abandoned,
    abused, neglected or orphaned children, most of whom
    are either infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.  In the
    community Baphumelele is very active in HIV/AIDS
    education and caring for adults as well, there is the
    Baphumelele HIV Respite Care Center, Rosie’s Kitchen (for
    feeding those in need no matter what age), and the
    creation of entrepreneurship programs offering job
    Through the hard work, determination and help of the
    community and overseas friends, Baphumelele has
    developed into a thriving community project. In addition to
    the Children's Home, Educare Centre, and Respite Care
    Center, today Baphumelele encompasses other
    community outreach initiatives such as: Baphumelele
    Woodwork Shop and Baphumelele Second-Hand Shop.
    Anir Experience is working with Simphiwe Mabuya,
    Baphumelele’s Administrator, on four projects:
    A.        Supplying North American volunteers to work in: 1.
    the Educare Center spending time and giving love and
    much needed attention to young children who have been
    abused, neglected or orphaned, 2.Rosie’s Kitchen helping
    supply at least one good hot meal a day to those in need, 3.
    teacher’s and tutors, 4. HIV/AIDS educators to help
    educated the community, 5. Skilled crafts persons and
    business savvy persons to help with job training.
    B.        WOZA Soccer Camps for international youth to join
    in the spirit of the World Cup by playing and interacting
    with the children of Baphumelele through soccer.
    C.        Refurbishing  homes of respite care clients, bringing
    the homes up to livable standards.
    D.        The development of a crafts program using recycled
    South Africa is an enigma - a
    wonderful, paradoxical country-
    too much too describe so we invite
    you to contact us...